The Literacy Design Collaborative [LDC] offers a fresh approach to incorporating literacy into middle and high school content areas. Designed to make literacy instruction the foundation of the core subjects, LDC allows teachers to build content on top of a coherent approach to literacy. This is drastically different than past, less structured notions of “adding” reading and writing when possible to the teaching of content.

The LDC work started with a small practitioner team set on addressing the intransigent challenges of adolescent literacy. Building from research and their field expertise, they created a literacy framework for the core secondary subject areas of ELA, social studies and science. The effort quickly expanded to become the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC), a larger initiative that now involves an ever-growing set of partners, with teachers firmly leading the development. The project is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Partners use the LDC framework as a common chassis to create LDC tasks, modules, and courses designed to teach students to meet common core literacy standards while engaging in demanding content.

Teachers across contents, grades and states are finding that the LDC approach builds stronger literacy skills in students and promotes ongoing conversations among teachers about what constitutes quality literacy teaching, learning and student work.

Together, the many LDC partners are working on an old problem in new, challenging and break-through ways.


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