New Strategy

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Dr. Rose Commentary

Soapbox Speech “Arti-facted” in a Shoebox

New Strategy

Over the last decade or so, the 1930’s podium for citizens “speaking” out about issues, a market soap crate has resurfaced as a part of vigorous citizenship education programs. Growing numbers of students’ grades 4 and up are involved in soapbox school-wide and district wide competitions. Instead of standing on actual soapbox crates, they stand on auditorium stages to give researched speeches about issues that concern them.

Michael Downes and Angelo Carideo are leaders in Soapbox Instruction for over five years. Each has received Awards from PCSS. Amanda Xavier as an ELA teacher uses soapbox issues for argument writing. Amy Mathis, librarian, brings Soapbox issues to her library science instruction and research. Marielena Santiago is Principal of Ditmas. Michelle Buitrago is the AP of Ditmas in charge ELA. Ms. Olivene McIntosh supervised Social Studies.

Download Soapbox Speech in a Shoebox | .docx