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Social Studies Journal: Call for Manuscripts

The Social Studies Journal

Call for Manuscripts

Social Studies Journal, a peer-reviewed publication of the Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies,
issues a call for manuscripts for our Spring 2018 issue. Social Studies Journal accepts submissions of
original, full-length manuscripts that focus on research and/or practice in K-12 social studies education,
teacher preparation, and teacher professional development. Social Studies Journal welcomes submissions
from established and emerging scholars as well as K-12 teachers and other education professionals in the
field of social studies. Submission deadline: February 15, 2018

Notes to authors:

  • Manuscripts should be sent by email attachment to the editors at: Receipt
    of manuscripts will be acknowledged by email within one week.
  • Articles must relate to the theory and/or practice of teaching and learning in social studies and
    may relate to K-12 education, teacher education, or professional development of practicing
    teachers. Please see detailed guidelines for manuscripts, including aims and scope, in the preface
    of the most recent issue of SSJ:
  • Manuscripts should be double-spaced, 12-point font, with standard margins.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word format.
  • Manuscripts must follow the current edition of APA formatting for all text including references.
    Manuscripts that do not follow APA will not be sent for peer review.
  • Name, institutional affiliation, title, email address, and phone number for ALL authors should
    appear on the cover page only and nowhere else in the manuscript, including in references. For
    manuscripts with multiple authors, a contact author should be designated.
  • In general, Social Studies Journal accepts manuscripts between five and fifteen pages long, but
    exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please retain copies of anything you send to the editors. Materials are not returned.
  • If the manuscript includes images, appendices, etc., these should be included at the end of the
    manuscript in the same document. Authors are responsible for obtaining permissions for, and
    properly crediting, any images used.
  • Social Studies Journal is a peer-reviewed publication and all manuscripts are read by two or more
    blinded peer-reviewers.

Editorial Team:

  • Dr. Jessica B. Schocker, Social Studies Journal Editor
    Associate Professor of Social Studies Education and Women’s Studies
    The Pennsylvania State University, Berks College
  • Dr. Sarah Brooks, Social Studies Journal Associate Editor
    Assistant Professor – Educational Foundations Department
    Millersville University