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Career Ready PA Backpack Challenge – Remake Learning Days Across America – May 12-23

Register now on the Career Ready PA website link here! Follow the steps to participate.

Career Ready PA is excited to share a seamless opportunity for students to obtain artifacts for their career portfolios by participating in the Remake Learning Days festival. The festival takes place across Pennsylvania between May 12-23, 2022. A variety of organizations showcase host free events for all age groups and provide hands-on learning opportunities. Participating organizations include libraries, schools, tech centers, museums, play spaces, community centers and more.

Events listed under Career Ready PA qualify for the Career Ready PA Backpack Challenge. Feel free to share the attached events brochure with your school community. The list now includes over 180 events! Students who participate will earn a Career Ready PA Backpack Challenge badge. Career Ready PA will also award a banner to schools with up to 100 artifacts.

When students finish the event, they will need to complete the artifact survey on the Career Ready PA Backpack Challenge page. This survey will be shared with your school so you can earn your badge and get career portfolio credit for the Backpack Challenge!

2022 US Presidential Scholars Program

Congratulations to the Pennsylvania semi-finalists for the 2022 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program! The Scholars will be announced in May, most likely the week of May 9. Scholars will be honored with an online recognition program in late June.

Adamya Aggarwal, Bryn Mawr - Haverford School
Corey Becker, Philadelphia - Friends Select School
Hita Gupta, Paoli - Conestoga High School
Sahishnu Hanumolu, Bridgeville - South Fayette Twp Jr-Sr High School
Sophia Lee, media - The Baldwin School
Stella Lei, Wayne - Conestoga High School (Semifinalist for U.S. Presidential Scholar in Arts).
Katelyn J. Lu, North Wales - Wissahickon High School
Hannah Shin, Sewickley - North Allegheny Senior High
Aastha S. Singh, Gainesville - The Barack Obama Academy of International Studies
Aditya Sirohi, Malvern - Conestoga High School
Colby A. Snyder, Reading - Wilson High School
Eric J. Wang, Pittsburgh - North Allegheny Senior High 2
Leo E. Wylonis, Berwyn - Conestoga High School
Jeffrey Qianliang Yang, Downingtown - Haverford School
Connie Zhang, Philadelphia - J. R. Masterman Laboratory & Demonstration
Leo E. Wylonis, Berwyn - Conestoga High School
Jeffrey Qianliang Yang, Downingtown - Haverford School
Connie Zhang, Philadelphia - J. R. Masterman Laboratory & Demonstration

Untold Stories: Stories you won’t learn about in a textbook.

New videos are released every week. Developed in partnership with The New York Historical Society,
Smithsonian National Museum of American History, iCivics, White House Historical Association and
American Battlefield Trust. It’s FREE and has many great stories you may or may not have heard about in
history (over 150 titles and another 150 coming out this year). Click here.

Army Heritage Center Foundation/National History Day in Pennsylvania Upcoming Teacher Workshops

Vietnam: A Fifty Year Retrospective. This workshop, scheduled during the 50th anniversary of the Easter
Offensive, will provide teachers with an opportunity to expand their content knowledge of the Vietnam
War. Teachers will explore the course and conduct of the war, strategies employed by both sides, and hear
about conditions on the ground from Veterans who were there. The workshop will be held from 9am to
3pm Monday May 16 at Army Heritage & Education Center, 950 Soldiers Drive, Carlisle, PA. Click here for
more information and to register.

Printing Press Middle School and High School Lesson

IEEE has some terrific lessons that combine social studies and science. Their newest lesson is on the printing press and the science behind it. Their lessons are inquiry-based using primary sources and include
multi-media and hands-on activity.

Next Gen Personal Finance

Over 60,000 teachers are using NGPF to empower students with financial skills in school instead of "the
school of hard knocks." The website ( features free curriculum, free professional development, and grant support for Personal Finance, Economics, and Financial Algebra teachers, all at no cost.
No-Cost Curriculum (comprehensive down to supplementary) for middle and high school Social Studies

  • Semester, Yearlong and 9-Week teacher-led Personal Finance Courses (Gr 9-12)
  • 9-Week Middle School teacher-led Personal Finance Course (Gr 6-8)
  • Econ Collection (activities that demystify Econ concepts through personal finance and vice versa)
  • Arcade (students learn through personal finance games and simulations)
  • FinCap Fridays (weekly current events activity with Kahoot, explainer video, and discussion prompts)
  • Questions of the Day (weekday Personal Finance current events discussion)

No-Cost Teacher PD:

  • 10-hour Certification Courses (5wk live cohorts) on content. Check out our newest course on Cryptocurrency!
  • 1-hour Virtual PDs (5x live events per week) on content, pedagogy, resources, and current events.
  • 1-hour On-Demand PDs (currently 49 modules) in self-paced Nearpods on content, resources, current events, and personal finance basics. New modules released every quarter.

Newsround: British Broadcasting Company for children

The home of news and fun facts for kids. Find out what is going on, with stories, pictures and videos. Try a quiz or one of their free games. Focuses on 6-12 year olds.

The Rendell Center

The Rendell Center offers opportunities for educators, students, and the broader community to develop the knowledge, practices, and dispositions of engaged citizenship. For educators, The Rendell Center creates curriculum content, pedagogical tools, and professional development experiences. For students, The Rendell Center develops literacy-based programs and experiential learning exercises. Check out their resources here.

Big History Project Onboarding May 10, 2022

Big History Project is an interdisciplinary course aimed at middle and early high school students that takes on big questions that originate with the dawn of time and gives students a framework to tell the story of humanity’s place in the Universe. It asks students to consider where we came from, what causes change, and where we are heading. Students will still achieve many of the same outcomes of a middle or high school world history, world geography, or world civilizations course. During this session, participants will understand what the Big History Project curriculum and community are and explore how it can strengthen their approach to world history instruction. Additionally, participants will learn how key course concepts, activities, and supports can be implemented in their classrooms. Register for free here.

World History Project Origins Onboarding Session: May 12, 2022

The World History Project is a global history course aimed at tenth-grade students that provides a cohesive approach to learning and understanding the history of the world. In this course, you and your students will explore our long human history—beginning before humans existed and ending in our present moment. This course will help students learn how to use stories about the past to orient themselves to the present and prepare for the future. We’re going to cover a lot of ground, but this course is not a typical march-through time history class that covers one thing after another. Rather, WHP uses a set of overarching inquiry problems and narrative frames, situated at a variety of scales, to organize and facilitate teaching and learning.

During this session, participants will understand what the World History Project curriculum and community are and explore how they can strengthen their approach to world history instruction. Additionally, participants will learn how key course concepts, activities, and supports can be implemented in their classrooms. Register for free here.

World History Project 1200 Onboarding Session: May 18, 2022

Register here for the second WHP session.

World History Project 1750 Onboarding Session: May 19, 2022

Register here for the third part of the WHP series.

Belfer National Conference for Educators: Free Virtual Sessions Monday, June 27–Wednesday, June 29

Designed to support accurate, meaningful teaching about the Holocaust, the Belfer National Conference for Educators is the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s flagship event for secondary school educators across the country.

The conference invites participants to engage with current historical research and instructional best practices. Educators discover and learn how to use various classroom resources, find inspiration in new ideas, and connect with peers engaged in similar work across the United States and worldwide. Register for free here.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum

The Regan Library Education Team has designed an educational game where students take on the roles of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to solve puzzles to locate Bonnie and Clyde. The game features primary sources from the National Archives that incorporate geographic reasoning, critical thinking, and historical inquiry skills.

The Lou Frey Institute

Civics in Real Time Podcast: Produced by the Lou Frey Institute of Politics and Government at the University of Southern Florida, this monthly podcast focuses on issues related to civics and public policy.

Financial Literacy Resources

Jump$tart: Don’t miss the Jump$tart Clearinghouse, an online library of financial education resources for teachers, parents, caregivers, and others committed to improving financial literacy for students. Check out their recent featured resource, FoolProof Academy for High School, which contains over 22 hours of videodriven financial literacy instruction.

NCSS-Sponsored Elevate Civics

Join the Nationwide Elevate Civics Research Project. You will get $150, 10 expert-designed lessons, an assessment of students’ learning, and access to civics resources. You will teach the lessons, record classes, and administer short questionnaires. Click here to sign up.

National WWII Museum Summer Teacher Seminar

The National WWII Museum will again offer its Summer Teacher Seminar professional development trainings in July 2022. Held over two separate weeks, the seminar will offer teachers a choice between a broad survey of a major topic in WWII history, as well as deeper thematic dives. This year’s topics are Voices from the Pacific War: Teaching the Untold Stories of World War II and The Power of Propaganda: Teaching Media Literacy Through World War II. Designed for middle school and high school teachers, these seminars will train educators on the use of Museum curriculum, as well as provide access to WWII scholars and the latest digital resources. Click here for the application. There is no cost. Participants will receive free lodging, a travel stipend, seminar materials, and most meals free of charge.

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