2022 PCSS Election

The 2022 PCSS Election Has Ended!

Please check back on November 21st to see the results.

Recording Secretary
Mark Private 81%

Board of Directors
Dr. Steve Torquato 85%
Brian Foster 51%
Michael Hensinger 51%
Kathy Smith, Esq. 51%
Deepak Bhagat 47%

Thank you to candidates Gabriele Miller-Wagner and Matt Riffe for their commitment to working with PCSS in the coming year.

Candidate for Recording Secretary (vote for one)
Dr. Mark Previte | Bio and Statement

Candidates for Board of Directors (vote for five)
Michael Hensinger | Bio and Statement
Gabriele Miller-Wagner | Bio and Statement
Deepak Bhagat | Bio and Statement
Matt Riffe | Bio and Statement
Kathy Smith, Esq. | Bio and Statement
Dr. Steve Torquato | Bio and Statement
Brian Foster | Bio and Statement