Student Leaders Challenge

Calling all Student Leaders – STARR Challenge

STARR search for Leaders!

Are you concerned about an issue or a condition in your school, your community, or the world?  Do you find you have a need to inform, alert and inspire others about this issue or this condition?

Do you, without being told to, participate in local demonstrations and advocate for issues? Do you design T-Shirts, logos, or graphic emblems?  Have you been a scout or part of a school, civic or community leaders group?

If you answered “YES” to one or more of the questions above, you may be just the individual STARR is searching for.

STARR is a leader’s incubator for young people who are excited to get their voices heard, shared and implemented concerning key issues that all of us adults and young people face.

Become a crucial part of STARR – with access to a newly formed young leaders group that will represent at national events, inspire peers, meet with adult leaders and develop their own STARR leadership events, forums and congresses.

How can you become a STARR leader?

Challenge 1:
Record as a 90 second to 3 minute video about your “soapbox” issue or concern, why you care about it and what you will get “done” to address it. (For a “soapbox” explanation, view a similar lesson here: Digital Soapbox Student Project

Challenge 2:
Write up in under 500 words (a minimum of 250 words) your biggest concerns as a young citizen in the community, city, state, or country you live in. The message can include photos of you or the concern, and art or a song to go with it. Use a public office Candidate’s Ad for inspiration. Finish the message with, “My name is ____ and I, a STARR LEADER, approve this message.”

Challenge 3:
Design a graphic showcasing an issue that means something to you that you want to impact NOW, not after you are 21. If you have visual or digital talents use these to communicate your message. Then photograph it and send a jpg with a short explanation of how you used a media and tools to communicate your message.

Challenge 4:
Design a hashtag and a tee shirt logo for the STARR Youth Leaders to wear representing this team at conferences, school sites, and meetings with adult stakeholders.  Develop emblems of youth leadership and perhaps emblems of key issues and hashtags that express these issues and concerns.

How to Submit:
To submit an entry to any of these challenges, email your submission, an explanation if necessary, and the materials listed below to [email protected].

Necessary to submit with ALL entries:

  1. Parent Permission Form
  2. Simple bio with your initial accomplishments, civic mission and a fun last line about your other skills (sports, dance, game design, eating, advice, music, etc.)
  3. In your bio, please be sure to include your name, your grade, and what school you go to.