Resources for Students and Teachers

STARR has gathered some helpful resources for students and teachers who want to grow in knowledge, kindness, and leadership. Below you will find recommended books, videos, articles, and several guides on implementing Student Leadership in your school.

Sparking Change By Sharing Your Story

A Lesson on Inclusion

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

8 of The Most Influential Millennial Women in US Politics

She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World


Using Banned Books to Inspire Student Social Justice Leaders

A lesson from Dr. Rose Reissman on the importance of using banned books, fictional stories, and other alternative methods to inspire leadership in young students.

Student Reports on Banned Books (.docx) | View or Download
How to Inspire Student Social Justice Leaders with One Fictional Story at A Time (.docx) | View or Download


Indigenous Culture Education Unit

Dr. Rose provides this lesson on American Indigenous People to go beyond the "day off" that schools often give to commemorate cultural holidays and involve students in a "day (focused) on" the important study of indigenous culture. Special thanks to the team of contributors, Amanda Xavier, Mr. Carideo, Ms. Franzese, Dr. Reissman and Principal Marielena Santiago, NYC STARR Mentor.

A Day On Indigenous Culture - Lesson Example | View or Download


Environmental Conservation, Conscious Consumption

A case study on engaging Student Leaders, teaching environmental conservation, conscious consumption, responsibility, and entrepreneurship through a school-run thrift store: Ditmas Trends

Special thanks to the team of educators that supported this project: Ms. Bortle, Ms. Franzese, Mr. Carideo, Mr. Snyder, Ms. Gregus, Ms. Meade, Ms. Mathis, Dr. Reissman, Writer, and Principal Marielena Santiago, NYC STARR Mentor.


United Nations Junior Ambassador Program

UN SDGs Zero Hunger and No Poverty

Junior Ambassador Program Documentation March 2023 Week 1 | Download or View .docx
JUNIOR AMBASSADORS PROGRAM Quote Inspirer Activity  | Download or View .docx
Reaction to the Heart Emblem | Download or View .docx
Junior Ambassador POEM | Download or View .docx


Educational Resources

View How a Bill Becomes a Law

Social and Mental Health Bill | Download Word Doc

Top 770 Bill Support Posters | View or Download PDF

Digital Soapbox Student Writings June 2022 | View or Download PDF

Wishing, Resolving, Reaching and Realizing-2023 | View or Download

Roald Dahl Publisher to Rerelease Author’s Original Texts After Editing Controversy   |   Read Online

Picture Book, Perfect Parcc -College, Career, and Commerce Ready Literacy Education  |  View or Download .docx

An Involved Approach to How a Bill Becomes a Law- Having Students Own Their Bills | View or download

Leading by Doing! It’s Elementary - The Younger They Lead, The Better Citizens They Are Today and Tomorrow | View or Download

Implementing and Empowering Student Leaders: A comprehensive guide through one school’s example | View or Download

Student Leadership Council Evaluation Report and Results | View or Download

Quotes, Student leaders, ss digital leadership Literacy | View or Download

What does it mean to lead or to be a leader? - In the words and the concepts of Ditmas students:/strong> | View or Download



STARR would like to thank Dr. Rose Reissman for her contributions to these resources and her tireless dedication to the growth of students and educators alike, as well as the support from all Ditmas partners, Michael Downes, Angelo Carideo, and Principal Marielena Santiago, NYC STARR Mentor.

Authored by Dr. Rose Reissman
NYC Ditmas Writing Institute

Dr. Rose Reissman

Dr. Rose Reissman

Ditmas Partner Ss Teacher Team:
Michael Downes, Angelo Carideo, Principal and Student Leadership Administrator Mentor
Marielena Santiago