Student Voices: Moments in History, Herstory and Current Events

Dr. Rose Reissman, a legendary New York City educator and friend of PCSS, offers these projects as a way Pennsylvania educators and students can share history and current events. Dr. Rose encourages her Pennsylvania friends to share their ideas with PCSS and to use any idea of hers if it inspires them. Inspiring folks has been Dr. Rose's lifelong work!

Ukraine Project

View an image gallery, videos, lesson material, and teaching aids for the Ukraine Project.

20th anniversary of 9/11

Dr. Rose offers this project as a way Pennsylvania educators and students can share in the solemn celebration of the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Check out her model and see what one student has already done with the project by interviewing her father. Audio File | Video | Quotes from Interview. Dr. Rose is available to support educators in implementing this project, a concrete, community connecting, authentic initiative that underscores how our country has endured tragedy and challenges to commemorate and continue.

The Heartbroken Shadows of 9/11 Download (PDF)

Fostering Student Voice-The Digital Soapbox Download (PDF)

Ditmas Educational Complex I.S.62: Ditmas Excellence @ PCSS Conference | View or Download (PDF)


Rebecca Yoder: 2021 Teacher of the Year

During the 68the Annual PCSS Conference, Rebecca Yoder received the 2021 Teacher of the Year Award. Ms. Yoder, David Trevaskis, PCSS Executive Secretary, and Dr. Rose Reissman plan to work on numerous projects together in the coming year. Congratulations, Ms. Yoder!

Dr. Rose and David Trevaskis giving Rebecca Yoder Teacher of the Year Award

Rebecca Yoder, PCSS Elementary Teacher of the Year 2021, is shown receiving her award with Dr. Rose Reissman (right) and David Keller Trevaskis, PCSS Executive Secretary. (left)


Here are Dr. Rose's lessons on commemorative ceremonies:

Culturally Responsive Teaching Grades 4 and beyond   |   9/11 20th Anniversary Commemorative Project

Here are wonderful presentations from some Ditmas students:

11 Seconds - MADELINE SIU - Google Drive
First Student Survey
Final 9/11 Interview
Madeline Siu
9/11 Garden of Heroes

Countering Controversy with Commemoration, Conversation, Ceremonies and Collage: A Compelling and Collaborative Chat with Dr. Rose Reissman
Download or View (doc)


Educational Resources

View How a Bill Becomes a Law

Social and Mental Health Bill | Download Word Doc

Top 770 Bill Support Posters | View or Download PDF

Digital Soapbox Student Writings June 2022 | View or Download PDF


Pennsylvania kids can check out our site Ditmas one and fill out the survey online or use this one and send to me

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