Jim Klyap, one of the original teachers in the LEAP statewide educational network, sent this message:

[I} retired after 38 years at Purchase Line-I have subbed since at a school closer to me called Penns Manor-In total I have 58 years in Education now! Just got a knee replacement 4 weeks ago -It has put me on the DA for a while -The school I sub at almost calls me everyday to sub -they are hurting for people that have more than a heart beat!! I worked almost 20 years in Yellowstone National Park in the summer and after retirement-I was in charge of recreational activities for all employees in the park-It was almost like another life-I saw kids as babies and then went to their graduations-My son is still in Montana he has managed various ranches had his own outfitters business -last year was the first year for 20 years we did not go to Montana-My wife had to have a serious back operation which has been turning out OK-As soon as I can get the OK from the Doc for my knee we are headed back out there for a few months again-taking our two border collies that have made the trip 8 times already-I also work for IUP basketball and football teams acting as the host for visiting teams and officials-I am 80 now and wish to stay active as long as I can! It was great to hear from you with the news-I sure do remember Sugar Loaf and all of the other conferences and meetings-When I go to Montana we plan to fish more than work-we worked too many summers there-My son has his own 1880 long cabin we have worked on and made it so he can have guests and family there-he is in between jobs and believe it or not wants to teach again after all of the other types of work he has done!! Tell everyone I said Hi -It was great to hear from you!!

You definitely can share my story Leap was one of the highlights of my Law Education teaching career!!!!