The Friday, October 23, 2020 day long Cahn Collaborative Training on youth court with CLE credit for lawyers and Act 48 for educators who fell victim to the virus, but check out the virtual PCSS Conference On Thursday, October 8 from 7-8 p.m. check out this session which will have Act 48 credit (we are awaiting word on CLE credit):

Title: Teaching Hands On Civics through Youth Court to 4th Graders (and younger)

Description: Youth Court is an alternative form of school discipline and juvenile justice that educates students in the earliest grades about justice and restorative practice while teaching the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of citizenship. Whether in just a single 4th grade classroom or working with students in an entire school, come see how youth court can transform how young—and not so young—people experience justice.

Presenters: Brian Foster, Kathy Smith and Gregg Volz, Cahn Collaborative

As life in the age of the virus continues, look for other programs across Pennsylvania listed here with Edgar Cahn or featuring his work.

The Cahn Collaborative is a loosely organized group of programs and individuals intended to both honor and perpetuate the life work of Edgar Cahn. Partners include Swarthmore College, the Widener Delaware Law School, the Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, youth court programs in schools around the region and more. The Cahn Collaborative is a multi- sector partnership between law firms, legal entities, K-12 educational institutions, community groups, law schools and higher education institutions, and philanthropy to memorialize the social justice activities of Edgar Cahn and to ensure they continue to be utilized to assist disadvantaged populations. Preserving his ideas and work is very important if disadvantaged populations are to successfully advance their lives.

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