Leo West, age 96, wrote--

Due to recent upgrades in program software and a few vision problems, composing an issue of THE POINT has become difficult. In the past it was possible to collect a variety of pertinent articles from various sources such as NCSS, ASCD, Education Week, and various websites, newspapers and offer links that readers could access or skip as they chose. Transferring these took only copy, change fonts and point size and transfer to the page. In less than a few hours this could be accomplished including locating and copying pictures and/or diagrams. Software changes have added steps to the process. The September issue took double the time needed to complete three pages than completion of an entire issue in the past. Granted, age has probably been a factor also, but I could quickly compile an issue until this past month. I may still put together an abbreviated issue or perhaps schedule them less often. I really enjoyed pulling together these monthly briefs and hope they have been useful.

Leo West

PCSS thanks Leo for a lifetime of service! Any time he wants to post a Point, we will be here for him!