Veterans National Education Program

Veterans National Education Program is Pleased to Partner With PCSS

The efforts to teach our students the history of our Country through the eyes of veterans began in 1999 with former PA Governor and the first secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, and Mayor Bob McMahon (Media PA). We served as infantrymen in Vietnam in 1968-69.

Our relationship with PCSS began in 2009 when we attended the PCSS conference in Johnstown. We started to share our new documentaries with school districts throughout Pennsylvania. Our interactions have led to high-quality and timely new educational films and lessons every year.


Our longtime friend and colleague, PCSS sponsor Bob McMahon of the Veterans National Educational Program shared these materials for Women's History Month:

In 2008, the V-NEP team produced the only, to this day, Women in the Military documentary (full video ~1 hour. short trailer here) at the suggestion of the Army JROTC. Using a combination of our films and classroom materials, written by a Social Studies expert, geared to easily be implemented into a teachers course planning. The ten segments of the WIM (Women in the Military) film show the role and heroics of women during ten wars and conflicts. V-NEP was fortunate to interview the key women that brought to life the challenges and accomplishments to make this a one of a kind documentary.   
V-NEP’s films and educational resources have been shared nationwide to social studies teachers and JROTC units. The PA Council for the Social Studies and the National Council for the Social Studies both support and highlight our available materials. 
At the time we produced the “Women in the Military” film in 2008, women made up 12% of the force. Today, there are more than 20% of women in the forces. The impact of women is notable, and growing each day.
Women in the Military 2022 and beyond (intro video)
Our last series on Women in the Military ended in 2008, where we highlighted Women’s contributions to the Armed forces since the Revolutionary War to the early years of Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.
At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, there were a lot of “firsts” for women in the military: the first woman to become a Navy fighter pilot; the first female four-star general in the Army; and the first female rescue swimmer in the Coast Guard. Today we have the first female Chief of a Service, the Coast Guard and we have the First female Sec of the Army.
In addition to our efforts with Women in the Military V-NEP is also producing videos on the following topics:

New Women In the Military 2022  (in development)

  • Introduction
  • Why I Signed up to Serve
  • The First of Many
  • Service Opportunities
  • Final Thoughts
  • 10 lesson plans/worksheets for educators.

Please see below for the outlines for both the older 2012 and new 2022 Lesson plans.
We need your support to continue our mission of providing high-quality educational materials that highest the ways women have been stepping forward to serve this country. From uncommon soldiers who disguised themselves to fight and nurses that faced horrific wounds to those who proudly wear the uniform today, women have always contributed to our military might. This curriculum reviews the changing roles of women in the military, case studies of women currently serving, and an overview of women’s participation in America’s conflicts.

Educational Resources

2012 Women in the Military VNEP Curriculum (Download PDF)
2022 Women in the Military VNEP Curriculum (Download PDF)

Some examples:
The Global Awareness Map from General David Petraeus more than 1000 videos on 62 countries.
The comparisons of the Vietnam and Iraq Wars. What went wrong and what went right from Gen McMaster and Petraeus.

Six unique documentaries:
WWII in Europe through the eyes of veterans
WWII in the Pacific through the eyes of veterans
The Band of Brothers through Major Dick Winters
The Tuskegee Airmen V-NEP lobbied Congress for the Congressional Gold Medal
Women in the Military ( The only effort on this topic).
The Humanitarian Effort in Vietnam

Honoring veterans in the classrooms:
Black History (February) V-NEP film clip on the Congressional Gold Medal for the Tuskegee Airmen
Women History (March) Mary Walker - The only women to receive the Medal of Honor (Civil War)
Roy Benavides Medal of Honor Recipient, David Farragut Hispanic Month (September)
Van Barfoot Native Americans Medal of Honor Recipients

Additional Russian Videos:
Putin’s History
Putin Plans for 2024

On going projects for JROTC and ROTC cadets for 2021:
The 300 year relationship of The USA and China - 22 videos
The 300 year relationship of the USA and Soviet Union - 22 videos (upcoming)
Both are narrated by Professor Miles Yu (U.S. Naval Academy) on leave to be senior adviser to the
Secretary of State.

The ongoing relationship of China and South Africa and what it means to the USA in the future.

Cyber Space Videos on key allies and adversaries on their abilities and threats to the U.S. with comparisons (Video 1, Video 2).

Our focus for 2021 will be on Pandemics Past Present and Future with emphasis on the roles of civilians and federal and local governments through our subject matter experts. We will explore the experiences of foreign countries on Covid19 and the history of the 10 previous pandemics.